Lest we forget....

May we always remember those that gave their lives so that we can live ours as we do today. #EvodiaRemembers #Remembrance2018 #Remembrance100 #RemembranceDay

We have chosen an incredible poem written by Farnham schoolgirl, Rebecca Farnfield. Rebecca’s poem, “I Stand Alone”, was the 2017 winner of the 9 to 11 year old category of a competition set up by Never Such Innocence – an organisation which aims to engage young people in the First World War centenary through the arts.

I Stand Alone

by Rebecca Farnfield 

I am the Hornbeam tree, I stand alone

Rooted here on this bloodied throne.

I rule over the dead and I’m testament to their pain,

This wretched war where there’s nothing to gain.

I have seen flesh cut like butter, and heard grown

men scream,

These harrowing sights haunt my every dream.

I watched them fall, one by one,

The choking gas at the back of their tongue.

I tried to protect them, offering my trunk for strength,

But the ceaseless rain of gunfire, meant they couldn’t

leave the trench.

As my rust coloured leaves fall like tears,

I become a sole survivor of these war torn years.

My roots are embedded with the souls of the dead.

My branches reaching up so their prayers can be


I’m alone on this meadow, once scarce and rotten,

But my comrades below will never be forgotten.