Evodia SciTech

Evodia SciTech is an established systems engineering consultancy, offering a structured approach to complex problems within systems.

Evodia Consulting's systems and engineering practitioners recognise the challenges involved in developing today’s complex systems and understand the benefits a structured Systems Engineering approach can bring.

Our work supports national and international co-operative programmes, often against urgent acquisition time-scales. Through ‘system-of-systems’ thinking, we offer a systems capability that embraces the complete acquisition lifecycle, enhancing both business and system performance.


Please see below a list of Evodia Consulting's SciTech capabilities. Click the + button for further detail about a capability.

Cyber Security

With large sums of money being invested in complex systems, networks and data, the constant and growing threat of cyber crimes has potentially disastrous outcomes for businesses. It is vital to ensure the right technology, processes and measures are in place to protect  systems, networks and data from cyber attacks. Evodia Consulting will help you ensure that you have the right technology, processes and measures are in place to protect your systems, networks and data from cyber attacks, ensuring your organisation meets security, resilience and privacy regulations.

Acquisition Support

Evodia Consulting provides complete lifecycle acquisition support services. Our commitment to our clients’ success is what drives us from the initial source selection phase through the product development, delivery, and sustainment phases. Our clients rely on the acquisition guidance and expertise delivered by Evodia Consulting. Using experience, best practices and mature processes, we ensure acquisition success.

Through-Life Support

Operational availability of critical assets is a high priority for our Clients. Evodia Consulting ensures that long-term capability is designed from the outset enabling you to achieve and sustain maximum capability, system availability and cost effectiveness through the life of the asset.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

Many organisations face difficult decisions and often need support when exploring their options, actions and potential outcomes. Evodia Consulting utilises a unique blend of mathematics, statistics and operational research to aid the customer decision processes.

Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering and business analysis are the key to successful projects. Using goal-oriented business analysis and requirements engineering, Evodia Consulting provide the support you need to successfully implement complex project plans on time and on budget.

Knowledge and Information Management

The availability of knowledge and information is critical to the health of an organisation. Evodia Consulting develops intelligent and innovative approaches to ensure the availability of this data, assisting your organisation through each stage of the information process from developing information management strategy to designing and implementing data governance structure.

Evodia Consulting offers a range of contracting models to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to place firm price contracts for a defined piece of work, looking for a delivery partner to provide enduring services, or simply looking for talented named individuals at competitive day rates, we are flexible enough to meet your needs. You can access our SciTech services via frameworks including G-Cloud 9, Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2, FATS5 and ConsultancyONE. Alternatively, we can enter a bespoke agreement directly with you.

If you are interested in discussing how Evodia Consulting can measurably improve your organisation's Systems Engineering capabilities, then we would love to hear from you please call us on 01252 722500 or email us at [email protected].