Evodia Forensics

Evodia Consulting has in-depth digital and traditional forensic science capability. 

Evodia Consulting's capability in forensic science can make a significant contribution to improving policing or corporate investigation outcomes and efficiency.

Police Recorded Crime shows a long-term shift away from ‘traditional’ volume crime, such as burglary and theft from a vehicle, and an increase in offences with a digital element, such as child sexual abuse, fraud, cyber-crime and indecent imagery offences. The shift to digital not only enables new types of crime, but also means that traditional volume crimes can be committed in ways that leave a digital as well as a physical trail. 

Our forensic practitioners cover a wide range of forensic science capabilities that can support you in adapting to this long-term shift away from 'traditional' volume crime.



Please see below a list of Evodia Consulting's forensic capabilities. Click the + button for further detail about a capability.

Rapid Forensics

Evodia Consulting can support the utilisation of technology enhancements to enable the rapid generation and reporting of forensic evidence at the crime scene and custody suite.

Digital Forensics

Evodia Consulting team of digital forensics practitioners can support you with computer forensics; mobile device forensics; network forensics; forensic data analysis; and database forensics. This knowledge can be utilised by both police investigations and corporate investigations such as child sex abuse, cyber-crime, indecent imagery, anti-money laundering, asset tracing, bribery & corruption and fraud.

DNA Analysis

Evodia Consulting's DNA experts can assist your organisation with its DNA profiling capabilities and processes.

Latent Print Examination

Evodia Consulting’s Fingerprint Experts can support your organisation with its Latent Print Examination capabilities and processes including digital fingerprint technologies.

Item Examination

Evodia Consulting’s Forensic Practitioners can support your organisation with its Item Examination capabilities and processes.


Evodia Consulting’s Forensic Practitioners are able to provide bespoke training to your organisation in any of the capabilities above, enabling your in-house forensics capability to benefit from the knowledge of industry experts.

Evodia Consulting offers a range of contracting models to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to place firm price contracts for a defined piece of work, looking for a delivery partner to provide long term services, or simply looking for talented named individuals at competitive day rates, we are flexible enough to meet your needs. You can access our Forensics services via frameworks including G-Cloud 9, Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 and FATS5. Alternatively, we can enter a bespoke agreement directly with you.

If you are interested in discussing how Evodia Consulting can improve or supplement your organisation's Forensic capabilities, then we would love to hear from you please call us on 01252 722500 or email us at [email protected].