Evodia Digital

Evodia Consulting help you transform your digital capabilities. From one-off projects to a complete digital transformation, discover how we can support your business.

Digitisation is driving a fundamental change in society that is transforming the way businesses work with their customers, their supply chains, and their people. This presents businesses with key challenges and means that digital services have become a priority in corporate strategy. This type of transformation cannot happen organically.

Evodia Consulting's Digital Transformation team can you help you identify the gaps between where you are now and where you need to be, giving you tools and knowledge to close them. We will work closely with you to develop a bespoke programme, whether you need to procure or develop a new technology platform or address a digital talent shortage. We do this by addressing:

Once your digital transformation journey has been defined we are able to assist you with initiating the programme and ensuring the programme realises its benefits and delivers against the digital strategy. Acting as your Delivery Partner we work closely with your senior management team to ensure:

  • new ideas and innovation are encouraged throughout the programme.
  • the Digital Services continue to be aligned to the corporate strategy
  • if an external Digital Agency is appointed, it is the most suited and capable of delivering the Digital Service.
  • you are continually represented in a technical capacity at all phases (discovery, alpha, beta, live) of your agile project, bridging the gap between business requirements and technical requirements
  • the associated change (internal and external) of the new Digital Service, whether organisational, behavioural or cultural is identified, planned and closely managed
  • integration of the new Digital Service into existing systems including analytics
  • information integrity using governance, risk and compliance from a security, resilience and privacy perspective.
  • the benefits of new Digital Services are realised.

Evodia Consulting offers a range of contracting models. Whether you are looking to place firm price contracts for a defined piece of work, looking for a delivery partner to provide enduring services, or simply looking for talented named individuals at competitive day rates, we are flexible enough to meet your needs. If you are a public sector organisation you can access our Digital Services via frameworks including G-Cloud 9 and Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2. Alternatively, we can enter a bespoke agreement directly with you.

If you are interested in discussing how Evodia Consulting can measurably improve your organisation's Digital capabilities, then we would love to hear from you please call us on 01252 722500 or email us at [email protected].