Framework Agreements

Evodia Consulting offers a range of contracting models, including Framework Agreements.


Whether you are looking to place firm price contracts for a defined piece of work, a delivery partner to provide enduring services, or talented individuals at competitive day rates, we are flexible enough to meet your needs. For our public sector customers, Evodia Consulting uses a focused selection of framework agreements that allow us to work with our government customers. Our focus is always on the most pragmatic mechanism for contracting available for a given market.

A summary of some of the key and most recent framework agreements, with links to the services we offer (where applicable), can be found below.

Our Framework Agreements

Please see below a list of our framework agreements. Click the + button for further detail about a framework agreement.

Engineering Delivery Partner (EDP)

EDP is the default route for procurement of engineering services for DE&S, and is available to other MOD departments and agencies.

Scope of services

Evodia provides support to the Engineering Delivery Partner across the following services:

  • Capability, Innovation, Technology Development & Assessment
  • User Requirements Definition
  • System Requirements Definition
  • Test, Evaluation & Acceptance
  • Independent Assurance, Evaluation & Advice
  • Through-life Availability Management
  • Through-life Capability Management
  • Legislative & Regulatory Compliance: Certification, Safety, Security & Environmental
  • Engineering Support to Decisions
  • Knowledge Management


Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS5)

Digital Outcomes and Specialists is a dynamic style framework with the specific aim of helping the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital outcomes using an agile approach, by procuring the appropriate specialist resource to deliver agile software development.

The agreement is split into four lots:

Lot 1 – Digital Outcomes:

Provision of teams to build and support a digital service.

Lot 2 – Digital Specialists:

Provision of individual specialists to deliver a specific outcome with defined deliverables on a service, programme or project.

Lot 3 – User Research Studios:

Provision of space and facilities to carry out interviews, usability tests and focus groups; watch and record people as they engage with designs, prototypes and live public sector services.

Lot 4 – User Research Participants:

Access to a diverse range of user research participants including people who are digitally excluded, as well as those who have low literacy or digital skills, and those who need assisted digital support.

Evodia Consulting offers its services via Lot 1, Lot 2. Specific services we offer include:

Lot 1 services:

  • user experience and design
  • performance analysis and data
  • security
  • service delivery
  • software development
  • support and operations
  • testing and auditing
  • user research

Lot 2 services:

  • agile coach
  • business analyst
  • communications manager
  • content designer or copywriter
  • cyber security consultant
  • delivery manager or project manager
  • designer
  • developer
  • performance analyst
  • portfolio manager
  • product manager
  • programme delivery manager
  • quality assurance analyst
  • service manager
  • technical architect
  • user researcher
  • web operations engineer


G-Cloud 12

G-Cloud 12 is for use by UK Public Sector bodies which allows them to choose and purchase cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software and specialist cloud services. The framework is for commodity based, pay-as-you go cloud services across three lots:

Lot 1: Cloud Hosting (IaaS) and (PaaS)

These are cloud platform or infrastructure services that can help buyers do at least 1 of:

  • deploy, manage and run software
  • provision and use of processing, storage or networking resources

Lot 2: Cloud Software (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, usually accessed over the internet or private network and hosted in the cloud.

Lot 3: Cloud Support

Cloud support to help set up and maintain cloud software or hosting services.

Evodia Consulting offers its services via Lot 3: Cloud Support. You can view our Services by clicking here.

Communications Marketplace

A Marketplace for marketing and communications services to help UK government and public sector bodies run public service campaigns.

UK government and public sector organisations can access a wide range of specialist marketing and communications services from agencies across the UK and overseas.

The agreement covers:

  • creative development
  • direct marketing
  • sponsorship
  • events
  • production
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • social marketing and emerging channels
  • campaign coordination
  • marketing and advertising technology advice
  • data science
  • in-house agency services
  • recruitment advertising
  • partnerships
  • content aggregation marketing
  • marketing and communications strategy
  • marketing strategic advice and consultancy
  • data provision, management and augmentation
  • internal communications and engagement
  • innovation and experience

The Marketplace enables direct relationships with agencies of all sizes from across the UK and overseas, who provide specialist expertise and niche services. You can choose an agency to work on a standalone basis or to support an integrated campaign.

The Communications Marketplace complements the Campaign Solutions 2 (RM6125) Framework Agreement. Campaign Solutions 2 facilitates access to longer term, strategic relationships for end to end campaign solutions.

NHS SBS Cyber Security Services

This framework offers external support services to help NHS and wider public sector organisations manage cyber risks and recover in the event of a cyber security incident. Evodia has been appointed as a supplier to Lot 3 - Security Personnel. The scope of Lot 3 includes the supply of specialist personnel to support and augment existing in-house capability. This lot will ultimately support organisations to reduce their exposure to threats, improve security defences and provide resource support to respond to cyber incidents.

Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems 2

The Quality Assurance & Testing for IT Systems 2 (QAT 2) DPS Agreement is an easy and flexible route to market for Public Sector organisations to buy specialist, independent testing services.

Evodia has been appointed as a supplier to Lot 1 - QAT Specialists. The scope of Lot 1 includes the provision of test specialist professionals, bought ‘as a service’ and capable of delivering services across the full life-cycle of your project or design process.

For information about any of our frameworks....

Contact us via [email protected] or call us on 01252 722500.

If you can't see an applicable framework agreement above then please contact us and we would be happy to create a bespoke contract model to deliver the services you require, or review the other framework agreements we are accredited to supply via to assess their suitability.